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President & Regulatory Affairs - William D. Judd

William D. Judd

Industrial Compliance Group, Inc. (ICG)
Framingham, MA

William D. Judd has over 30 years experience in regulatory environmental health and safety compliance, permitting and training. He has been a Certified General Practice Toxic Use Reduction Planner (TURP) since the early 1990s and is also an Environmental Management System (EMS) Auditor. Mr. Judd is Massachusetts Certified to assist companies with evaluation, development, and certification of all three current areas of expertise under TURA: TUR Plans, Resource Conservation (RC) Plans, and TURA EMS.

Mr. Judd was one of the original founders of the Toxic Use Reduction Planners Association (TURPA) and past TURPA Treasurer, Vice President and President. Specific accomplishments attributed to direct efforts by Mr. Judd while President of TURPA included affecting several changes to the TUR Planner Recertification Program through workgroups with MADEP/EOEA and written petition. During the 1990s he served as a Toxic Use Reduction (TUR) Advisory Board Participant to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA); and in early 2008 Mr. Judd was appointed by Mr. Ian A. Bowles, Secretary, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to serve on the Toxics Use Reduction Advisory Committee. In 2006, Mr. Judd participated on the Toxic Use Reduction Act Amendment Workgroup [Senate Bill 536] with Senator Pamela Resors (D-Acton, Massachusetts) Legislative Committee, which was conducted over several sessions at the State House in Boston, Massachusetts [Senate Bill 536 was signed into law by the Governor of Massachusetts on July 31, 2006].

Specific accomplishments related to Mr. Judd's direct efforts in the TURA Program include:
-Received 2006 Champion of Toxics Use Reduction Award from the Massachusetts Toxic Use Reduction Institute and several Citations from various Massachusetts Senators and State Representatives for contributions to the TURA Program, assisting more than 30 companies prepare/implement TUR Plans and work on new TURA bill.
- Development of a model EMS for the Healthcare Industry [Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, Massachusetts].
- Development of the Toxic Use Reduction Plan (TUR Plan) Model for the Healthcare Industry [Toxics Use Reduction Institute, Lowell, Massachusetts].
- Development of a guidance document for developing an Environmental Management System from a Toxic Use Reduction Plan [Toxics Use Reduction Institute, Lowell, Massachusetts].
- Instrumental in affecting several changes to the TUR Planner Recertification Program through workgroups with MADEP/EOEA.
- Continues to be a liaison between TUR Planners, Industry and the MADEP TURA Regulatory Group.

Secretary - Jessica King

Secretary - Jessica King

Jessica King has over 11 years of experience working in Industry in the Environmental, Health, and Safety field, with 10 of those years in Massachusetts manufacturing facilities.   Over that time she has worked in locations ranging in size from 60 employees to over 1000 employees, with the objective of keeping the employees and environment safe.   Jessica currently works for Benjamin Moore & Co., located in Milford, MA, as the Environmental Health and Safety Manager.  In this role Jessica is responsible for preparing and certifying the facility’s Toxics Use Reduction Plan, while also ensuring the facility maintains compliance with all other local, state, and federal regulations. 
Jessica is a relatively new Planner, completing the Toxics Use Reduction Planner Course in 2013.   She has been a General Practice Planner since February of 2014 and joined the TURPA Board of Directors in September 2014.
Jessica holds both a Bachelors of Science (BS) and a Masters of Engineering (ME) in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University located in Medford, MA.

Treasurer - Jeffrey P. Bibeau

Jeffrey P. Bibeau

Jeff has over 28 years of Environmental Compliance experience, and 25 years working at Tighe & Bond Consulting Engineers located in Westfield, MA. Jeff serves as the Group Leader of the Environmental Compliance Group and is the Business Development Industrial Market Champion.

Jeff is a Registered Environmental Manager (REM) with the National Registry of Environmental Professionals. He has been a certified Toxics Use Reduction Planner since 1994, when the first Plans were required to be prepared and has prepared dozens of them for numerous facilities across the State. He is also an instructor for the TURP Course and this year received the Champion of Toxics Use Reduction award from TURI in demonstrating environmental leadership in TUR by educating future TUR Planners.

He serves as the Project Manager on several environmental compliance projects including comprehensive environmental audits, environmental enforcement issues, Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories, air emission permitting, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans, and on-site environmental compliance services for private industry. Jeff has a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Board of Director - Lois Hourihan

Lois Hourihan

Lois Hourihan is currently an Environmental Health and Safety Associate at Genzyme a Sanofi Company. She has helped maintain EHS programs to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and corporate requirements for a variety of types of industries. She has a background in regulatory procedures and experience in manufacturing and laboratory environments. Ms. Hourihan has been a Certified General Practice Toxic Use Planner since 2003. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and an M.S .in Environmental Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.